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“The best and worst photos” the Getty Images campaign that displays our world’s injustices

Besides being a portal where we can find a multitude of pictures for our projects, Getty Images also has an archive of images of current news that take some distance form this happy and perfect world of the typical stock pictures. This is the duality people of DDB Argentina plays with, for the famous photography portal.

“The best and worst photos” is the slogan of this graphic campaign that portraits scenes like a child soldier with a gun, a rhinoceros with its mutilated horn or a city bombed by a missile. Images that with no doubt reflect situations nobody wants to contemplate.

As the agency affirms, their intention with this campaign is “to generate a reaction in the viewer, showing pictures that demonstrate the contrast between social sensitivity and art in one picture. That’s why we decided to expose world’s injustices that sensitizes us without leaving aside beauty and quality of the pictures, captured by our best photographers”.








This article was first seen in Adsoftheworld 

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