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Dali present in the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland

Back in the 60’s Random House contacted the surrealistic painter Salvador Dali to make a series of illustrations for Alice in Wonderland. Few copies were made and even fewer were signed by Dali himself, which made some art collectors to get their central piece of their personal collections.

For the 150th edition anniversary Dali’s art is available in both Amazon and in a publication launched by Princeton University Press. A very special occasion to have in your own hands the most original, odd and enigmatic story ever written, and also delight yourself with those illustrations of the genius of surrealism.


The deluxe edition of Alice in Wonderland is characterized by an introduction written by Mark Burstein -president of Lewis Carroll North American Society- that explains the connection between Dali and Carroll, as well as the exploration made by the mathematician Thomas Banchoff regarding the math found in Dali’s work.

This book is a complete pictorial recreation to get to know another facet of Dali’s work where he distances himself from his more photorealistic side to face these somewhat different illustrations. In these works he mixes tempera and black ink with a very different style where plane colors meet impossible perspectives.


The softness of Dali’s tempera reaches a great contrast with the clarity of inked figures and offers a whole new approach to his art. If you want to purchase this wonderful edition, don’t miss the date and click on this link that will take you straight to Dali and Alice in Wonderland.

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