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Galaxy S8 and S8+: Three things you should know before buying it

Samsung has done it again. Once again its devices are considered as one of the best in the market both in and out Android. Its camera, performance, screen and specially its design are the strongest attributes of the new Korean leading device.

However, and although we would like it, not everything about this terminal is perfect. There are some things you have to know and that you would only discover a few days after using it, once you spent your money in it. What exactly are we talking about?


Design and fragility

In first place, one of the first cons in this new family of devices is their fragility. Its edgeless frame represent a great danger: any fall can be a deathly strike that could make you taking it to repair or at least having a chip or bumper.

Our personal recommendation is that you protect it with a sheath or case you like. We know covering the design of a device like the S8 must be even forbidden by the law but it is about protecting your investment… Since Andro4all we have already prepared for you a couple of compilations with the best cases and any other complement you can choose.


The curved screen and its format

The second of the problems has to do with the screen. The specifications and performance are spectacular but this is not the problem. Sometimes its curved edges reflect light and can dazzle us, which is not very nice. Besides, these flashes can hide information and make us rotate or cover the device with the other hand.

Another thing is that, just as the LG G6, its special format makes that watching videos in it may be not so comfortable. In normal conditions we will see two black stripes in both sides of the screen, but if we adapt it we will lose some information. What do you prefer?

The fingerprint reader and its position


What can we say that hasn’t been say before about this sensor? Its position is not the most comfortable for the hand, which many times makes us to grab the device in a different way or readapt our hand. Besides, as it is placed next to the camera, many times we can get easily confused and stain the photo sensor.


We don’t think any of this reasons, or all together, represent a real reason to prevent us from buying a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+. However, these are the kind of things you can perceive only when you’ve had the device for some time and that may tarnish a little bit that great sensation of using for the first time a new phone like this.

What do you think about these arguments? Do you find any other issue that could blur the purchase of a device like this?

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