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A graffiti that fuses with corners

Today Wikipedia defines ‘graffiti’ as a free paint mode, considered as illegal and created in urban spaces. Its origin goes back to the Roman Empire when people did inscriptions on the walls with a satiric or critic theme.

But it’s in the recent decades that graffiti began to change the way they’re perceived. Especially when we find works like the ones made by Odeith, a graffiti artist capable of fusing a graffiti with the corners of several walls to have a completely original and creative work of art. This form of expression gives as result the sensation of being in front of a 3D graffiti.

graffiti Odeith

Odeith shows us this new mural that seizes the corners of several walls as the best canvas. His graffiti creates a very convincing optic illusion that amazes any passerby.

This is Odeith’s strong point; he captures spectator’s attention to demonstrate walls can welcome different shapes to “dress up” unexploited spaces. That’s why graffiti have always been a special way to transform places that normally were somber and grey.


You can check Odeith’s website or Instagram to catch up with his different works.

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