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Hula, art on a surfboard

The artist Sea Yoro unites his two great passions –surf and graffiti– to create semi-submerged murals.

Sean Yoro was born in Oahu, the most populated isle of Hawaii, so he was born surrounded by surf. He spent his childhood on top of a surfboard and during his adolescence he discovered his passion for graffiti and tattoo. The next step was a simple evolution: he combined his love for water with brushes and started to create semi-submerged murals while being on his surfboard.

His artistic name is Hula and his work consist on giving life to empty spaces like shipwrecks, abandoned docks and forgotten walls. The paintings he uses are completely natural and are made of linseed or safflower oil with alkali and natural pigments, with no toxic materials.

art on a surfboard2jpg
art on a surfboard

He currently develops most of his career in New York and makes expositions in galleries as well as in open spaces. In both places we uses traditional techniques in his oil paintings. Most of his works are starred by feminine figures that create a majestic atmosphere. 

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