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Hyper realistic portraits of famous people

Hyper realism: a creative tendency with the closest appearance to reality

Hyper realism represents a very sophisticated drawing style that resembles very accurately the real appearance of things. You can even perceive a brightness in these images greater than in photographs.

Hyper realism can be traced back to the 1960’s as a parallel style to pop art, but the obsession of emulating reality dates back to the origin itself of pictorial techniques. For example, during Renaissance the search for this realistic representation of things gained the great importance that was lost many centuries ago, during the splendor of Greek culture.

To present some contemporary examples of hyper realism we want to show you the creative work of the illustrator Néstor Canavarro. In a previous occasion Canavarro demonstrated his talent with a hyper realistic portrait of the actor Bryan Cranston in his characterization of Walter White from the Breaking Bad series. Now we want you to see the result of other portraits of famous people.

This illustrator’s work demonstrates the thorough attention to details, the distinctive features of the characters and a very specialized handling of chromatic selection capable of emulating colors from the real world. This way, the well-known characters here represented can transmit their essence through these sophisticated and well accomplished portraits.

Hyper realism-1
Christopher Walken  Color Pencils


Albert Einstein


Marleine Bastien





De Niro
House MD – Hugh Laurie

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