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Lora Zombie, the artist of magic colorful unicorns

Lora Zombie is the artist that surprised the world with her great talent to create graphic works combining all kinds of techniques. With no academic training but with a great imagination and domain of plastic technics she has accomplished to create a unique style followed by millions of fans worldwide.

Influenced by the style of Jamie Hewlett, designer of the band Gorillaz, Lora manages to create magic worlds influenced by the Grunge movement. She has a style that can be described as unconcerned, anti-system, critical, surreal and filled with color. She is an artist that began her career from the lowest until becoming a media phenomenon that even creates her own line of clothing. Discover all about Lora and her magic style.


Lora has Russian ascendance and was born in 1990. Despite the fact she does not have any formal art education, Lora has managed to create her niche in the world of art thanks to her peculiar style of combining social critique and imaginary colorful worlds. Her style focuses on Grunge movement and in her own words her style is “Grunge art”. Grunge movement started as a movement of juvenile subculture of the 90’s through a musical genre that will represent great artists from that time. An anti-commercial and countercultural posture, Grunge rejected all things established by the State and aimed to be something different. Lora’s style is just like that, unconcerned, messy, surreal, critical and filled with color, always displaying oneiric and imaginary worlds and situations under drug influence.


Her work technique is mixed, she combines watercolor, pencil, ink, oil paintings and all kinds of plastic techniques, obtaining striking results filled with color. We can see how she usually uses different symbols in her works that represent the idea of flying, escaping and being free. In the upper photography we see a boy that spits out all his desire to fly, escape and being completely free and filled with color.

We can find her own style not only in 2D but also in personal projects like some 3D toys she has launched to the market. In this video we can see how the pure, colorful and full of life style of this artist sees light in a different way.


Lora Zombie’s inspiration is Grunge music, politics and all kinds of common situations like love, freedom and fear. Her main artistic reference was the designer of the band Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett. This artist helped her to find her own graphic style.

In many occasions this Russian artist tends to use social networks a lot with the objective of sharing her work in a real manner. Currently se does live transmissions in different social media while she’s working in one of her projects to reach her followers in a more personal way. Showing her art in this way thanks to social media, is a pretty powerful tool that no artist should leave aside.

With the passing of the years she has managed to create her own niche in the world of art, accomplishing to participate in multiple exhibitions worldwide in countries like Canada, USA an even her homeland Russia. In every exposition she always transmits live to reach a bigger number of fans in social media.


Today Lora offers her graphic works through her personal sites allowing users to acquire original material signed by her. Recently she launched her own clothing signature where she manages to combine alternative fashion with her incredible graphic style.

Creative, passionate, imaginative, critical and with an inborn talent, Lora Zombie is a contemporary artist that serves us as an example of creative reference for our future projects. Have an idea, have a dream and look for the means to shape all that in paper.

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