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Pencil and charcoal as protagonist of these excellent drawings

Generally we can talk about an artist and their great talent in a specific technique. Normally, to reach that ability in the case of illustration, drawing or painting, the pencil tends to be the first tool employed to get to know the chiaroscuros, degrade, shadowing and volume.

In this post we will take a look at three pencil made drawings. Each of them has its qualities. There is a portrait made with charcoal, a hyper-realistic one and another where colors frame a beautiful animal. We got these three artist together to display the great value of the most traditional art.


The first of these drawings was made by Casey Baugh and displays a girl with a penetrating and gloomy gaze. Charcoal works very well to express that moment the artist tries to capture. An exceptional work of art with many details.

The pencil made drawing of Diego Fazio portraits a girl soaked in water. This drawing is astonishing and attest the quality of the artist. Those fingers that touch the upper lip and made it look pressed plus the wet look of all the picture is a perfect example of hyper-realism. It is a well conducted work of art.


The fox’s author remains a mystery. It is an exceptional drawing made with color pencils. The fox has a reddish fur and a sharp, curious look distinctive of this forest animal.


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