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Relaxing Time with Blank Windows

Among all those pages we open through web navigators we find a whole series of elements such as publicity banners, animations, color schemes or tools. There is so much content originated in the web that it can become a complete chaos while watching the big picture.

If you are seeking for a little bit of quietness in a website that focuses on art, digital artist Rafael Roozandaal has what can be considered as an oasis in the middle of the desert internet is right now. It is a place to relax and get comfortable to navigate through all those empty windows that can be moved and switch their size just to please you.

Blank Windows presents us nothing more than that: empty windows. The design and shading of the blank blocks seem to be a reminiscence of those used in Apple’s operative system macOS that can be moved or modified their size to create different layouts.


Moving around these empty Windows is tremendously relaxing. It might sound silly but as we have get used to a big quantity of windows with a lot of information, moving some squares with nothing in them results to be a very inspiring act that we must at least try.

This website is Roozandaal’s newest work of digital art in web format. Some of his previous works include Falling Falling, Slick Quick and Trash Loop. You can find some more in his personal website.

This is a web artist that looks for new ways to understand those spaces where we read, watch videos and consume all types of digital formats and media such as social networks. A peculiar and original idea to have a moment of relax.

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