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The sixth season of Game of Thrones condensed in animated gifs by Eran Mendel

If you haven’t seen the sixth season of Game of Thrones, maybe you should see Eran Mendel’s work after you watched the series as you could find between these lines some spoilers in the shape of an animated gif.

If you continue to read it means that you already watched the sixth season and you’re dying to see how the Israeli illustrator and animator has condensed the most memorable moments in likable animated gifs, or your curiosity is bigger than the risk of these animations to reveal the story.

Anyways, surely you will enjoy watching and trying to predict what was happened or guess which gif correspond to which series situation. Can you tell which scene matches which gif?

This project is made-up by ten animations created from vector and geometric elements with plain and luminous colors within an infinite loop that, without any doubt, takes us again and again to the particular universe of Game of Thrones.







About the author Eran Mendel

Eran Mendel graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 2004. He is an Israeli illustrator and animator specialized in the creation of characters and illustrations for publicity, television, printed and web media as well as mobile devices.

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