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Artists of the Week and their custom designed phone cases

With Artists of the week we want to launch a new section of the ArtsCase blog. We’d love to introduce you to some of the many artists that have been encouraged to publish their custom designs for our catalog of iphone and samsung cases, since they make it possible for this project to keep moving forward.
In ArtsCase, all designs are the result of hours of work by their creators, and you are supporting and promoting them by getting one of their pieces.
In this posts series, we will select some of them and their creations, either for the originality, popularity or quality of their works.


Karolina says her cases are inspired by folk art, ancient history and geometric shapes, inspiration that reflects in her pop-art colorful designs.

Geometry by Karolina
Cute Alpaca and Cactus by Karolina


CAS designs stand out for the contrast of the use of geometric figures and shapes on soft colored backgrounds. These modern and trendy creations will give your smartphone that personal touch you are looking for.

Tile by CAS
Dreamin’ by CAS


This prolific illustrator from Buenos Aires is flooding our catalog with her elegant floral patterns. She’ll love to know her designs make your smartphone more personal and special.

Black Wildflowers by Anis
Floral Chaos by Anis

This is just a sample of a catalog with more than 10,000 designs. You can share with the world your skills as an artist by uploading your own works, or make a custom case just for you.

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