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ArtsCase Talk Anis illustration

We have the fortune of having such amazing artists in our world community, that’s why we try to discover each day who is behind the art that we loved, today’s turn is for Anis Illustration from Buenos Aires Argentina… This is  how We interviewed her:

AC: Give us a short description of you

Hello! I’m Anis, designer, and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love plants, flowers, and lettering. I love creating pattern designs and sometimes I add typography, another passion for me.

AC: Could you describe your creative process? 

Usually, I draw/paint on paper and then I create the patterns in Photoshop.

AC: What would you say is your strongest skill? 

I think that my skill is drawing and painting by hand.

A.C: Who are the people who have influenced your aesthetics and your approach to design? 

My referents are William Morris, Rifle PaperCo, Alexander McQueen

A.C:  Which is your favorite piece of art from your own designs? Why? 

“Love yourself” is my favorite due to the mixture of letters and floral illustrations, and I believe that the message is the key.

A.C: What are you passionate about besides your work? 

I am passionate about constantly learning and motivating others to do what they love. I love organizing and making lists, everything I’ve gotten first was on a list. Music, art, plants, food and everything that means making the world a more beautiful place.

A.C: Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

‘Fake it until you make it’

AC: What do you consider your greatest achievement? *

Living from art

AC: something else you want to share with our family?

I have a blog where I write my experience as a freelance illustrator (in Spanish) to motivate other illustrators, designers or artists to live of digital art. My blog is

Do you like her  Story? You’ll love her art, go to and take it directly to your hands…

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