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Finest Mandala-themed iPhone and Samsung phone cases

Over the past few years, the Samsung Android-based phones and the iOs-based iPhone have engaged in a continuous battle for supremacy in the worldwide mobile phone market. They both provide an elite feeling, both are superior brands in terms of functionality, beauty and popularity. These traits ensure that these devices are courted by different men and women.

It gets even better, with Mandala iPhone and Samsung phone cases, you get a customized look for your device that sets your phone aside from others with the ingenuity of the art. The clever interpolation of shapes and some explosive flushes of hue that is usually appreciated by those with good knowledge of art as well as those without. The Mandala theme brings a regal beauty of floral essence, an unquestionable product of teams of genius artists and exclusive graphic designers.

A more important point that proves the worth of the Mandala iPhone and Samsung phone cases is in the protection they offer, a result of the material painstakingly refined to provide durability and resistance to high impact, an impact cushion if you will, a defense against force applied. The Mandala iPhone and Samsung phone cases is made from Polycarbonate, a premium material made to resist against shock and scratches.

This protection is pushed up in importance because both the Samsung phones and the iPhones are relatively expensive compared to other devices in the market. Having a tough case such as this will only serve to support the life span of the device while serving as a life-saving treasure in case of unfortunate eventualities.

Mandala patterns possess a youthful aura, a timeless beauty that is well matched by a toughness that ensures your phone is always at the peak of its appearance and operation.
These design patterns come in different forms, outlines, colors and configurations, allowing you to select the best ones that align with your tastes. Be sure that wherever you go, these cases are fierce enough fashion accessories in their own right to attract attention.

The following are types of the design that are very capable of holding your breath. They include but are not limited to:

The mandala is a mystical figure in Hinduism and Buddhism representing the universe, it has degenerated to mean represent the cosmos in various aspects and through various means. They interestingly also represent a connection between our inner and outer selves.

This Mandala case best represents a positive outcome of any draw of inspiration from the symbol, a figurative source of light to dark moods, it provides a transcendent feature to accompany you anywhere you go.


This design provides an innocent outlook on the case and in extension, your device, and thus, yourself. It carries a childish beauty hidden in a perfect blend of hue.


This abstract creation appeals to even those who wish to stay away from the artistic nature life presents itself as. The Geometric Mandala casing is made with the same material as the Watercolor Mandala and the Free spirit variants. A strong layer of polycarbonate and silicon to guarantee toughness and resistance from impact and scratches.



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