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5 tricks to take advantage of this Black Friday 2016

2016’s Black Friday is really close. Tomorrow will be one of the days with the most sales in the whole year thanks to the many, many stores that offer their products with big discounts. It truly is a gold opportunity to get Christmas shopping ready: you can buy technology, toys or even cars. But with so many sales it will be difficult to choose and analyze the best products. For this reason we offer you these five tricks to take advantage of Black Friday’s discounts and make the best purchase.

  1. Be patient but also quick

During Black Friday there’ll be offers that may last from several days to just a couple of hours. It’s important to be sure when the offer ends and if it is only for limited units. Comparing prices is basic, so we should be patient when finding something we want, but at the same time we have to be sure that there are enough units of it. You can ask at the store or see if there is a unit counter or a time limit on the offer if it is at an online store.

  1. Don’t be scared to shop online

E-commerce has brought us Black Friday and has expanded it. Prestigious online stores continue to appear and grow while the disadvantages of this type of shopping are diminishing. So if you find an online offer in a recognized store, don’t be afraid to shop. We can receive the object in our house maybe the next day and with free shipping or we can pick it up in the local store.

However, we also need to be careful. If we don’t know the store it’s good to take a look in Google and get to know a little bit about it; which store is it, see the customer’s feedback, get to know where the product comes from and if it has warranty. In webs like Ebay the product can come from China and take up to 30 days to get to the customer.

  1. Learn about the return policy

Once you have decided which product to purchase, it’s good to know the return policy. You need to ask how many days do you have to return the product, if they refund your money or offer you another product in return. Many times we don’t take this things into account that could lead you to pay more for the same product but having the possibility of returning or exchanging it.

  1. Prepare your payment method

It’s good to look ahead in this matter and keep in hand the personal data you’ll need while shopping online. The regular payment methods are your credit card and PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, we recommend you to get it. With it you can buy using only an email address and a password. It is much more comfortable (and safe) than using your credit card again and again.

  1. Find and use discount coupons

Any offer can be improved with discount coupons of different online stores. To get the newest or look for them in a relaxed manner there are apps like Honey or Checkout.



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