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Art in augmented reality with Google Tilt Brush

One of the strongest technological progresses during this past 2016 was virtual reality. Big manufacturers have begun to focus on hardware and it’s only a matter of time that through these platforms we start to see more innovations in the world of software.

Google has been one of the big companies that has decided to open its way in the world of virtual reality, and it has done it introducing its own drawing app. It is called Tilt Brush and will allow us to draw in a visual setting from different angles or getting us literally inside the drawing. The thing is that for now it’s only available for those who have HTC Vive.


As we see in the video, Tilt Brush allows us to draw using a tridimensional immersive setting that tries to be as intuitive as possible. With this app we’ll see our work of art from any angle or get to walk through it. For this we’ll use controllers to move from one part of the draw to another and choose the type of pallet we want to use.

As to the options, the program has a three-sided selector switch that we’ll rotate to choose one or another and we’ll not miss any option from any other drawing program. We can do and undo, select and disengage, choosing from different types of brushes with effects and using a complete color pallet.
We will also have the possibility of changing the screen wallpaper and look for a setting that inspires us to create or that matches our drawing. Once we have finished it we can take a picture of it from any angle and distance to display the complete work or just a fragment.

Virtual reality is here and as it has already demonstrated with YouTube 360 that Google doesn’t want to miss this opportunity. For now the primarily limitation is that the app can only be used in an $800 device, and a big part of the public will not have access to it. But at least it would have enough time to be improved until virtual reality becomes more accessible.

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