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BIC pens open stores where you pay with your creativity

BIC celebrates the 60th anniversary of the famous M10 pen, opening two temporary stores in Amsterdam and Antwerp with the genius idea: not accepting payments with money but with your own creativity.

That’s right. When entering the store, clients are given several blank “bills” to draw anything they want in them and with any BIC pen. With this “money” they can buy anything from the BIC golden pen of limited edition to cardboard customizable articles.


The most creative ones left their artistic print and the more bills they draw, the more they could purchase. This original idea was developed by Friendship agency as a direct marketing action for BIC.



In the following video you can see how people were delighted with this initiative and also the artistic genialities that many printed in their bills with many different concepts.

What do you think about this idea? Would you try to draw different bills until your hand drops from exhaustion?

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