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Creative umbrellas for creative minds

Although we still are enjoying these nice temperatures, sooner than we can expect rain will fall and umbrellas will be very helpful to keep us from changing our clothes if they get wet. In a world where almost any object we use can be printed with a creative image, umbrellas are perfect for some designers.


Pluvio umbrellas are the most ingenious and artistic objects that you’ll ever get to see. Created by Jonathan Bonder, Pluvio came to be due to its founder’s frustration regarding all those boring umbrellas. This is the result of his ingenious ideas that make this common object an interesting piece of art.


The variety of designs in their umbrellas offers us colorful illustrations of foxes and houses, optic illusions with different shapes that make carrying an umbrella a special occasion. Especially because these objects tend to be unicolor or black, you have the opportunity to fill the streets with a more artistic and striking touch.

After having worked with a good variety of artists and designers, Bonder has created the term “functional art” and hopes to convince others to dress up their umbrellas with a special design.

It is worth to mention that each of these umbrellas belong to a limited edition of 200 units per design, so if you want to have a special one that you can identify with, you can be sure it would be very difficult to find another umbrella completely the same. Make sure you go to Pluvio website before all stock is sold out.

This is their webpage where you can choose from a wide variety of umbrellas to pick one that matches your personality and style.

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