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Differences between iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8

Apple could surprise us next September, but it seems that everything –or almost everything– has already been filtered about iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8. Especially things related to design will change in iPhone 8 in the occasion of the tenth anniversary. Taking the prototypes as a starting point, we have a visual comparison that aims to present the differences between iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8, the biggest terminals of the whole catalog.

A ‘radiography’ of iPhone 8 reveal three important details.

Apple’s most important launching of the year is iPhone 8. Although it will have pretty modest dimensions, this device will have the biggest screen. So, the fairest thing is comparing it –in terms of design- to iPhone 7 Plus, which has been Apple’s biggest terminal until the special launching of the tenth anniversary.

Visual comparison between iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8: What will be the difference between them?

The leaks point out that iPhone 8 will have a screen of 5.8 inches and that iPhone 7 Plus will continue with a 5.5 inches screen. However, iPhone 8 will be a little under the “Plus” in the matter of dimensions because it will feature an OLED screen and its frontal will be better utilized. As previous leaks have shown, the design of iPhone 8 will be very similar in the frontal part to Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+.

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But this won’t be the only difference between iPhone 7 Plus and the new iPhone. Besides an alternative design, each of them will have different hardware. Maybe they’ll have the same processor, but the RAM memory will be more generous inthe new iPhone, and the main novelty will be the camera. Although iPhone 8 has a double camera in the back side too, it will have a vertical orientation and it will also allow recording in 4K at 60fps.

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