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#Fall2016: flowers are part of this season fashion design

It is fall, temperature goes down but this doesn’t mean that flowers and vegetal motives are out of style for fashion design.


Fall and winter tendencies in fashion can be already perceived everywhere with this season colors –some temporary and others always used in these months– and if you thought that vegetal and flower patterns were only proper for spring and summer, these visual examples will clear up your doubts.


Floral Dark | Print/Pattern, por Rebecca Honda (Brasil)


Here we will show you different feminine fashion designs that have been specifically created for the coldest seasons of the year without putting aside the warm sensation of floral and vegetal patterns. As you can see, colors tend to the sobriety that characterizes the season.


а.ТаN, por Tatyana Kizeeva

Selected fabrics fulfill their purpose of keeping the wearer sheltered from low temperatures but still displaying nice designs with the freshness of flowers and vegetables.


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