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Google Museum revives dinosaurs

Thanks to Google, several cultural institutions and especially museums around the world now have the opportunity to offer their archives to millions of people in digital format. Using the best Street View, VR and Photos collections from more than 1,000 museums the Art and Culture app allows people to visit incredible exhibitions without getting out of their houses.

Now, Google can offer you the unique opportunity of walking and swimming with dinosaurs. For this to be possible, Google joined efforts with 50 museums of natural history to create more than 150 interactive stories, as well as 300,000 photos, videos and also 30 virtual tours.

Two of the most impressive virtual reality exhibitions are the one at London’s Natural History Museum and the one at Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. Both exhibits can be explored in a 360 degrees experience. In London they have a specimen called the Rhomaleosaurus, also called the “T-Rex of the ocean”. On the other hand, in Berlin they have the 13-meter tall Giraffatitan and a “Biodiversity Wall” of four by twelve meters that portraits more than 3,000 animals.

Also, you can find several virtual tours in other institutions that display the origins of the solar system, explain the history of evolution and offer a special travel through the “rise and the fall of prehistoric worlds.” A very interesting feature of these expositions is making people meditate on the species conservation and protection.

For you to access these incredible experiences, all you will need is a computer or an Android or iOS smartphone, but we would recommend you Google Cardboard to completely become part or the exhibits.

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