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This illustrator makes art with the envelopes she uses to send her works

When you purchase any work of this Canadian illustrator she will send it in an envelope where she does a little draw to thank you or sending a message to post service workers asking them not no fold the envelope.

The making of these little drawings placed in the corners of the envelopes is recorded and shared in her Instagram account. They have become so popular that people buy her works just to see the sketch she draws on the envelope.


The author of this drawings calls herself Vcky. She has an Etsy store called StudioVcky. In this store she sells the works she makes. She specializes in greeting cards for any occasion. These greeting cards have colorful illustrations.


Here is her Instagram account so you can see the videos and follow this young illustrator. We have been following her for a while and almost every day she posts a new video or photo of any illustration she’s working on.

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