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The new and enhanced Daft Punk’s GuyMan Helmet

Two Spanish fans of the Daft Punk band have created their own and improved version of the GuyMan Helmet. It took these two members of the LoveProps company more than a year of daily work to finish their project, but the final result is unbelievable.

The helmet is an identical replica of the original, or we could say a better version. It is more than just another tribute to Daft Punk; this handmade sculpted model has been incorporated with Wi-Fi, MIDI, motion/audio interaction, and 250 RGB led lights, all stuffed inside a beautiful chrome chassis. Also, it can play preset light animations or creating new ones in real time, as well as modifying them according to the music or the user’s movements.

One of the makers said: “We work hard and durable materials, such as bondo, tinted resins, clear resins, plastics, acrylics… Applying techincs as 3D designing, 3D printing, thermoforming, silicone molds, painting, weathering, clear coats… We love technology related projects with futuristic feeling. We work custom design electronics, PCBs, through hole soldering, SMD soldering, custom connectors and ribbons, wireless connections and interactive sensors.

We love to go further than replicas, expand the original features exploring with nowadays technology, mechanisms and robotics. We love what we do, and the dedication and perfectionism is reflected in the final result of our projects, commonly special and unique pieces.”

We should take into account the amazing advance this represents in the overall robotics development. As one of its creators expressed:  “This helmet, it’s a step closer to be the real robot that the original helmet was just pretending to be: A programmable autonomous unit capable of interacting with the user.”

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