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This could be one of the big novelties of the future Samsung Galaxy S9

Although it is a huge device, Samsung Galaxy S8 has been for some people a little disappointment. It’s true that this terminal offers an outstanding result in every aspect but we also expected a bigger difference between the previous generation and the new one.

Feelings aside, the work for this year is already done and we need to think about the next generation of high gamma (with permission from Note 8): the Galaxy S9, whose key name we already know. We all hope to find some novelty that truly makes it in taking a step forward in hardware or functionalities. And it seems that we will get it.

The Galaxy S9 could launch a GPU of its own

After getting into the world of chips with its Exynos processors, now the South Korean Company plans to enter into another of the technological components markets, as the GPU is. The graphic features become more and more important every day and this will continue with the arrival of virtual and augmented reality.


This is why Samsung is willing to make its own graphics to optimize them for their processors and devices. These already are working wonderfully, but adding them a completely optimized GPU can make the upcoming Korean devices to literally fly.

If these rumors are true, Samsung could work in collaboration with Nvidia or AMD, two of the leading enterprises in this market that surely could give the company the necessary support and help to succeed.

We’ll see how Samsung pulls of this move, as it seems they have little to lose and a lot to win.

What do you think about this move? Do you think Samsung is being smart while getting into the GPU market?

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