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Terminal number 4 of the JFK Airport in NY has a new design

Terminal 4 of the international airport in New York is one of the most transited in the world. For this reason its corporative identity has been redesigned to become a more pleasurable place for people to stay for a couple of hours.

Base Design is the company that carried out the task of redesign, and Min Law, one of their partners tells us that this identity change aims for transmitting the work philosophy of the airport team, synthesized in the phrase “Don´t worry be happy”.


The new identity wants to redefine traveler’s experiences with an elegant but fun touch, with no design excesses.

Regarding the logotype, Base Design took its inspiration from the grid of the building’s frontage to represent the edges and spaces of Terminal 4 anagram.


The typography has been developed specially for the project. It is very well executed as a whole and plays a supporting part in the logotype, getting some spotlight as well.


Illustrations are from the New Yorker Tomi Um that has worked for the editorial work with Time, Monocle, The New York Times, and others. All work of redesigning aims to reflect the “happy” part of the identity.

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