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7 ideal objectives to photograph this fall

When it comes about photography, every time of the year has its particularities and fall isn’t the exception. We’re just in the middle of the season and the rains continue; days are shorter and the objectives we want to photograph look very different from their appearance in the other times of the year.

We present you seven different objectives that are worth to portrait between summer and winter.

  1. Multiple Colors


When fall arrives we can notice the change of colors in nature, especially in vegetation which leaves aside its characteristic green color to embrace shades like ocher, orange and brown. This phenomena offers different shades in the mountains, forests and landscapes that are worth to photograph.

  1. One color


You can also select one shade and frame it. It’s easy to begin with the typical warm colors of harvests and mix them up with the sunrise or sunset lights. The results are quite striking.

  1. Deciduous leaves


As we’ve being talking about nature, one of its most interesting elements –both for its colors and movements– are the trees with deciduous leaves. Framing them when the wind strips their branches truly delivers inspiring images.

  1. Water


Water propitiates multiple ideas and images deserving to be framed. Be it in fall or any other season it’s good to photograph water with its reflexes and the mix that can be made between it and other objects.

  1. Sunset light

Sunrise and sunset offer a wide range of shades that run from blue to warm colors in just a few minutes.

  1. Details


It seems that so far we’ve been only talking about framing landscapes, but that’s not the only thing you can photograph. You can also focus on a single detail or the whole big picture.

  1. Long exposures

When the night is about to come you can find the famous blue hour when you can take pictures with long exposures. Just remember to have the right accessories like a tripod, a remote shutter button and filters.

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