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‘Largest’ Mural in the World

Misha Most, the artist behind Evolution-2, started painting during the dawn of the Russian street art movement in 1997. He later became a member of Moscow’s first graffiti team and his personal projects have been displayed in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France. Now, 20 years on from his humble […]

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Hula, art on a surfboard

The artist Sea Yoro unites his two great passions –surf and graffiti– to create semi-submerged murals. Sean Yoro was born in Oahu, the most populated isle of Hawaii, so he was born surrounded by surf. He spent his childhood on top of a surfboard and during his adolescence he discovered his passion for graffiti and […]

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A graffiti that fuses with corners

Today Wikipedia defines ‘graffiti’ as a free paint mode, considered as illegal and created in urban spaces. Its origin goes back to the Roman Empire when people did inscriptions on the walls with a satiric or critic theme. But it’s in the recent decades that graffiti began to change the way they’re perceived. Especially when […]

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