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5 steps for freeing your creativity

In order to make your creativity grow, you will only have to change some basic things and the most important one is avoiding routine.

Good ideas don’t come to life magically, but with certain guidelines we can boost our brain to have better ideas. Take a look at these five steps and activities that will stimulate your creativity and help you to grow intellectually while inspiring you.


Get out of your Comfort Zone


It does not have to be a big change, it can be a simple outfit modification like using different colors from the ones you usually use. The goal is that you look different. Dare to do something you’ve being longing for some time like signing up for that dancing class or something that you think you’re not good at. You have to try.




The point is to really know yourself, that’s the whole challenge of it. Try to think on different plans of action, something you wouldn’t do because you always act the same way. With mind games brilliant ideas can arise.


Debating Ideas


Team work and listening to all the ideas may benefit a project. Let emerge the most ridiculous ideas, it is part or stimulating creativity.


Discover the World


Meeting new places, tasting other countries’ dishes, talking to people from other cultures, practicing a new language, travelling and doing other things that you love, will also help to stimulate your creativity.


The Magic of Books


We know everybody recommends reading but it truly is one of the best ways to intellectually enrich yourself. It will give you a broader view of reality and will inspire new project ideas.

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