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Night owl or early bird? Find the most creative moment of your day

Discovering your most creative moment can be complicated but, what if you manage to make your whole day productive?

Not all people work the same way and some are more productive during the first hours of the day and other prefer to take on their creative activities during the night. Regardless of the time of the day, the important thing is attempting to stay creative.

Take a look to the recommendations below to potentiate your creative reach during the day. They will help you to discover which creative moment is your ideal one.

  1. Find your moment

You would only know if you’re nocturne or a morning person through your daily work. Plan your creative agenda in a way you get to do your activities in the mornings, afternoons and nights. You’ll know which moment suits you better.

  1. Always have a pencil or something to write down

Maybe you’ll find a moment you didn’t choose for a creative activity, but if a good idea comes or if you have an instant of inspiration you must seize it. Bring with you a pencil and paper, a camera, a recorder or any device to write down… you’ll never know when you may need it.

  1. Break your daily routine

If you constantly break your routine it’s possible you may widen up your creativity range indefinitely and you may be able to be productive in any time of the day… besides, getting outside your routine potentiate creativity by itself.

  1. Distribute your activities throughout the day

If it’s possible for you don’t choose only a specific moment to work; carry out your labor during your whole day and you’ll notice which moment is better for you and when it gets more difficult to concentrate in your tasks.

  1. Get yourself permanently filled with stimuli

Visual creativity’s nourishment is in all that you can develop from the inside, but also in what surrounds you. Watch movies, go to museums and exhibitions; take a look to works of art in books and internet. Keep yourself stimulated so you become capable of being creative in any moment

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