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Top reasons why mandalas are good for us.

Now days is common to see this kind of “figures” everywhere if you think it’s only about a fashion trend you will like to keep reading…

The meaning of mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning “circle.” While mandalas come in various types and sizes, they are most commonly circular and have a dense point at the center. This is because, in the Hindu and Buddhist religion, the universe is often portrayed as being a massive circular shape with an all-powerful force at the center from which the universe originates.

With this clear let’s see why mandalas are good for us:

  1. It helps us to meditate coloring can be a powerful tool for reducing anxiety. When people concentrate intently on filling in a mandala, they tend to gain some distance from their internal dialogue and temporarily escape the negative thoughts and emotions that may be troubling them.
  2. It helps us to reduce anxiety: In a 2005 report published in the journal Art Therapy, researchers Nancy Curry and Tim Kasser at Knox College conclude that If anxiety is a type of ‘inner chaos”, “it seems likely that a structured activity such as coloring a predetermined, somewhat complex design would help organize that chaos.”
  3. It helps us to reconnect with ourselves: Anything that involves a spiritual and meditated practice allows us to engage in self-discovery. These practices are enabled through the use of mandalas.
  4. It helps us to express our feelings in an unconscious way: When you draw a mandala or you paint it you create it expressing what you are going through, what you want to bring to your life, the color you choose has a meaning even if you didn’t do it on purpose…
  • Yellow for joy and happiness
  • Orange for creativity
  • Red for energy, passion, and strength
  • Pink for femininity, love, and gentleness
  • Purple for mystery and spirituality
  • Violet for insight and intuition
  • Blue for healing and peace
  • Green for nature, groundedness, and connection
  • White for purity, truth, and consciousness
  • Black for power

So next time you see mandalas I hope you will see more than a cute figure, it’s an empowering art that helps the human being to deal with his inner issues and find inner peace…

If you like mandalas art go to and support the artist behind it.

Check this video from Pete Tevonian

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