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Microsoft Office update for iPhone

Microsoft Office update for iPhone brings surprises

Microsoft is making big creative moves to maintain iPhone’s users with highs expectations, the Technology Corporation has added a new feature to Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel that allows making changes to any document without using an Apple pencil necessarily. Company of giving relevance to drawing and doodling is brilliant by offering the opportunity of adding a personal touch to each document at the moment of editing.

With this new Microsoft update for iPhone you can draw or doodle directly with your fingers, remember that was only available for iPad and iPad Pro. The app tools provide the opportunity to write, highlight, annotate over Microsoft documents, the Draw tab has both particularities drawing with your fingers or with a stylus. For Excel the annotations can be easily placed over the cells which we consider really useful at the moment of keeping specific extra information inside of the document. Something also really cool is that now you can draw over slides in Power Point documents, which means you can get creative to add your own art to your presentations, another characteristic is the option to make searching for text in your presentations with the Find option.

 Even if, using all these tools on an iPhone screen could sound tedious and kind of complicated something sure is that new update of the app could be useful when you need to make a quick presentation or document. Let’s be honest Microsoft Office is the app we need wherever we go to make our lives  easier, the best part is free, and it is available now in the Apple’s App Store.

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