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PlayStation Neo

Sony will host an event to present the new PlayStation Neo

We are waiting for all the details about the new and improved PlayStation Neo 4 console, but its release date and price are not available at the moment. The event will be the next month, at the PlayStation Theatre in New York at 3 pm ET.

The PlayStation Neo, will be started by the company in the future, and will have 4K Ultra HD graphics capabilities, but not at the show in Los Angles next week.

            According to President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House, told the Financial Times that the PlayStation Neo console will “ sit alongside and complement the standard PS4”, as expected. “It will sell both versions through the life cycle”, he said.

            The word PS4K, the most recent, has been used PlayStation 4K, have a lot of sense, seeing as 4k Ultra HD support is what the new console will aim to bring. 4K is big news in the home cinema world at the moment, and it would make sense for the Japanese giant to jump on the bandwagon. With 4K Ultra HD profits prevalence in current services and more recently in Ultra HD Blu-ray, the PlayStation Neo is likely to be looking to cement its position as a one-stop shop for entertainment, including new formats so that there’s no need for a separate device.
PlayStation Neo

            We want to know what it will offer this new console. The Neo will feature a CPU to utilize 8 Jaguar cores running at 2.1 Ghz as opposed to 1.6 Ghz in the original PS4, while an upgraded AMD GPU should offer extra graphical muscle with 36 compute units at 911 MHz compared to 18 CU at 800 MHz in earlier model. The transfer speed on the 86B GDDR5 Ram, it be faster 218 GB/s vs. 176 GB/s. Just shy of 24% faster than the PS4’S memory. But we know perfectly what that all means? Very easy, we will have a new console, more processing power and faster speeds mean the PlayStation NEO will be to handle higher- resolution output manage more textures and details on screen, and generally provide a smoother play experience overall.

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