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Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Fans’ vs. Rotten Tomatoes

The DC Film hurricane seems unstoppable, two important movies in a year, great actors and recognized directors, however nothing can be that perfect and let’s be honest no  movie would be complete without a touch of drama. Last Wednesday the critics attacked severely the upcoming Warner Bros production Suicide Squad.

Hours before its premier Warner Bros DC film Suicide Squad is already creating a lot of controversy and not positive at all unfortunately. After Rotten Tomatoes post came out, where qualifies the movie with just a 35 % fresh rating. Millions of fans have raised their voices in favor of the film directed by David Ayer.

Rotten tomatoes post became viral so as the petition made by Suicide Squad fans, they are asking to shut down the website because of the bad review given to the DC comic film. With over 13000 signatures online fans are making a protest because they consider it is not the first time this site gives bad reviews to DC Films, according to them it is a conspiracy, due to Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of justice (2016) didn’t make it either with a poor 27%.

But something also remarkable is the fact that not only Rotten Tomatoes has a poor impression of the movie also The Hollywood reporter has posted an extended unflattering review. In spite of that fans are just focused on Rotten Tomatoes shutdown, they think it is not fair the fact of receiving such a negative comments when the movie hasn’t been released, also they claim that the purpose of this petition is to let critics know ´there is a lot of people disagree with their reviews’.

Nevertheless many people have expressed their opposition to the request considering it as ‘dumb’ and claiming DC fans as ‘idiots´. The backlash media was all over the internet making jokes of the film but especially sarcastic comments with US policy comparisons.

No matter the online chaos, the most important review will come from fans, as director David Ayer claimed the movie are made for the fans and that he loves the movie.

In our opinion we consider that everybody thinks and perceives things differently, so it is kind of extreme all of this Suicide Squad craziness but definitely it creates a lot of expectations around the film.

And you, what’s your opinion about the petition made by DC fans? Would you sign up? Is it hilarious and senseless? Make your own statement and Let us know what you think!

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