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In Tokyo 2020 will recycle mobile phones to make the Medals.

Once finished the Olympiads of Rio

And after Mario was one of the protagonist of the ceremony of closing when he receives the witness of the Brazilian city, begins to see news of the next games. Japan affirm special interest in the ecology and the conservation of your natural resources, the manufacture of the Olympic medals will be a good example of it.

At the beginning of 2016 that would be a possibility, but already it is confirmed: The medals of Tokyo 2010 will be made from mobile and other electronic recycled components. The components and electronic circuit are composed by metal multitude, among valuable them and of the recycling mobile and other gadgets there are obtained gold, silver, copper and other metals with which to make the medals.

 Japan recovered in 2014 143 kilos of gold, 1.560 kilos of silver and 1.112 kilos of copper (one of the materials that shape the alloy bronze). In comparison, in the Olympiads of London 2012 there were in use 9, 6 kilos of gold, and 1.210 kilos of silver and 700 kilos of copper.

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