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Top 6 Fashion Bloggers

Top 6 Fashion Bloggers

Fashion constantly reinvents itself and now with the influence of social media reinforces its domain introducing to us the fashion bloggers phenomenon.

 A couple years ago these two words would meant nothing but now everyone has heard about them for sure. Fashion blogging have definitely taken control of fashion scene changing paradigms and establishing trendy standards with sophisticated styles that go beyond clothing.

Now considering social media followers and global influence here is our top 6 fashion bloggers:

1- The young Italian Chiara Ferragni has spread her talent worldwide, she has become in a fashion ambassador with her own website and recently with her growing shoe line. Chiara with over 5 million of followers on Instagram strengthens her brand as one of the most recognized fashion bloggers nowadays.

2- Evangelie Smyrniotaki, from Athens this stylish women has been doing amazing contribution to fashion industry with 119k of followers on her instagram account (Styleheroine) she demonstrates her distinguished sense for fashion. Smyrniotaki has worked alongside with really important brands such as Normas Magazine, Elie Saab and right now she collaborates as the image of Jimmy Choo’s digital campaign.

3- The best proof that Jennifer Grace is a fashion heavyweight is the number of followers on her Instagram account, she has positioned herself as an expert in fashion merchandising & design. Based in Southern California Grace has worked with Elle, InStyle, and Calvin Klein, among others.

4- Wendy Nguyen has achieved an enormous success on social media due to her famous video 25 ways to tie a scarf. Besides her fashion blog is well-known in the industry. We are totally convinced there is a lot more of Wendy coming!

5- This exotic beauty has plenty of talents more than a blogger she is also model and DJ, what a versatile woman! Gala Gonzalez with a strong presence on social media does not stop working, she has collaborated in campaigns with recognized brands as H&M.

6- Talking about Sylvia Haghjoo is synonym of passion and elegance, this lifestyle blogger based in Hamburg, Germany has been working in fashion for several years. But in 2010 she took her talent and knowledge and created Hug-You, since then Sylvia has collaborated with noticed brands like Mercedes Benz, Dior and Channel.

This is just a little sneak peek of the most influential stylish bloggers, but do not forget that everyday a new blogger shows up. If you want to keep in touch with everything related to fashion blogging, you should start following these experts right now.

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