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Amazing abandoned places in Europe

Castles, Hospitals, houses, schools….There are many constructed buildings to house many lives, but through the years some of them were abandoned confining them to the forgetfulness.

 Photographer Mirna Pavlovic de Zagreb from Croatia, a few years ago was at the University writing her two final works, when she finally decided to do what she always wanted – travelling around the world. It was then when her passion about photography started to develop.

Rapidly she combined both, travel and photograph, but that’s was not enough, Mirna decided also to incorporate another element; something she wanted to do since she was a little girl, explore abandoned places.


All of this beautiful photographic work is a secondary effect of different circumstances. Since then, she has travelled a lot to Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium and Portugal, visiting the many abandoned places of those countries. Pavlovic has the purpose of bring them to light again through her photos. She made us discover locations whose past splendor is just a memory in this photographic work.


With her old Nikon D80 combine with a big angle lens. Although sometimes she goes back to her roots, an analog Praktica BX20 but not so much according to what we’ve seen lately.

There are a bunch of fascinating, disconcerting and surreal abandoned places all around the world, from hotels, castles, churches to schools. The passionate Croatian photographer, Mirna Pavlovic made a search of these locations for over a year.


 The Second World War was an inflexion point to the aristocracy and bourgeoisie, it was at this moment that many buildings were abandoned. These discoveries inspire the reflection of the photographer in space, also they are a memorial of these forgotten places. This project is still running, it’s is still possible to see the new discoveries of the young photographer on her Instagram and Facebook account.





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