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5 Ways to Prepare Yourself for 2020

With the end of the year, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The holidays are often the busiest time of year. However,  the beginning of the new year it is a valuable opportunity to start over.  that’s why, in ArtsCase we designed a short guide to prepare yourself for 2020 !

  1. Review and reflect on the past 12 months.

Take a look back at both the good and the bad sides of things. all the things that happened to you this last year helped you to grow. So, divide it by events month by month. Be thorough in your reflections, as the more detailed they are, the better you’ll be able to reflect on them.

2. Make a game plan for the next 12 months.

Once you’ve done your reflecting, it’s time to turn that into action. That action comes in the form of setting goals. Create a broad goal for the entire year, plus smaller goals that complement and help you reach your main goal. From there, create an outline of how you’ll reach those goals, when you want to accomplish them, and ways that you can ensure you stay on track. This becomes your action plan for the year.

3. Revisit your goals and your action plan at least four times a year.

Your goals can change throughout the year for a number of reasons. Perhaps you decided to change jobs or got an unexpected promotion, or maybe you were laid off. Your goals shouldn’t stay the same if your circumstances have changed.

4. Finish as many small tasks as possible.

The more small tasks you can check off your to do list, the better you’ll be prepared to hit the ground running in the new year. Take 20 extra minutes to reply to emails or Whats app messages. It’s the little things that matter the most in new beginnings . Taking care of those tasks will ensure that you start the year off focusing on the bigger things.

5. Be grateful no matter what

While some things might be out of our control, much of what happens based on our thoughts, emotions and behaviors, are largely a conditional response to our focus.That’s why it’s so important to be grateful no matter what’s happening in our life during this new year.

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