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New iPhone 11, Did you missed the special Event? Here We Made a Summary for you!

It’s not new that the Apple Event is one of the most waited events in the year, Just in case that you missed it and you don’t have time to watch the entire event, We made a special summary just for you, and last but not least We also Launched our Latest iPhone 11 cases […]

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Thoughts about Samsung Galaxy Note 10

There was an idea. Gather a group of exceptional features on the same mobile. To see if the conventional smartphone could become something else. And offer what the other terminals of the market had not been able to. Thus, the Galaxy Note family was born, whose history is already well known to all. But in […]

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#ArtsMakers Martina. Phone Case Designer of the Week.

Hi! My name is Martina, I’m a professional European illustrator specializing in fashion and lifestyle. I create feminine, modern custom images to help both small and big brands to get noticed, stand out of the crowd and promote themselves in a new, fresh way. I also do personal commissions, statement wall art, book covers, editorial […]

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#ArtsMakers Marcos Coehlo. Phone Case Designer of the Week.

Hi! My name is Marcos Coehlo, I’m from Brazil and I studied Design. I grew up on a small town and lived for a few years on a countryside house with my parents. The main motivation of my work was to make something I could pour my heart into, immerse myself completely. I love nature, […]

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#ArtsMakers Tracy Lucy Designs. Phone Case Designer of the Week!

Hi!  My name is Tracy Beagen.  I work under the studio name TracyLucy Designs which is my first name and a variation of my middle name combined.  I am 31 years old and currently live in the UK with my husband and almost 2-year-old daughter.  I am pregnant with my second child, due later this […]

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Is already Summer at ArtsCase

Summer is finally here again, the 3 happiest months of the year have arrived. Some resting, mountain or beach, relax, and, why not?, brand new case for your iPhone or Samsung so everybody knows you trully are that Summer Lover. In ArtsCase we have an immense catalog of unique designs of mobile cases, and, of […]

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Artscase X Danny Serrano

In ArtsCase we are proud to launch our most recent special collaboration, a set of exclusive designs of phone cases with DJ Danny Serrano. You can now give a new look to your Samsung or iPhone with designs from your favorite DJ. About Danny Serrano Effortlessly balancing a will to experiment with an unwavering commitment […]

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Printed phone cases inspired by music.

Get inspired by music

Inspiration is about breaking out of your usual mental habits, use these ideas to get you inspired by music. How does music inspire you? There have always been studies about how music affects the brain and a lot of them showed that classical music, such as Mozart and Beethoven to be highly beneficial to your […]

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Finest Mandala-themed iPhone and Samsung phone cases

Over the past few years, the Samsung Android-based phones and the iOs-based iPhone have engaged in a continuous battle for supremacy in the worldwide mobile phone market. They both provide an elite feeling, both are superior brands in terms of functionality, beauty and popularity. These traits ensure that these devices are courted by different men […]

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floral designs

See the perfect Floral case for your Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 7

The Apple iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 make up an elite part of the smartphone market. Their sleek design, functionality and brand power set them aside from their peers. They are also very expensive, so expensive that it protecting it a little bit more is an obviously wise decision. Especially the Apple iPhone 8 […]

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