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ArtsCase Talk Majoih From Brazil

Get to know the story behind Majo, She’s a very important part of our ArtsCase family. Her work is wonderful, and so is she, Get inspired by her and discover the magic of the person that creates the art you love… A.C Give us a short description of you! The best words to describe myself […]

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ArtsCase Talk Anis illustration

We have the fortune of having such amazing artists in our world community, that’s why we try to discover each day who is behind the art that we loved, today’s turn is for Anis Illustration from Buenos Aires Argentina… This is  how We interviewed her: AC: Give us a short description of you Hello! I’m […]

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ArtsCase Talk: Gringoface

James, aka Gringoface, is an amazing artist from the US, Here you’ll get to know him better with a very short interview We did to him, Let’s know who is behind of all those amazing designs… ArtsCase-Give us a short description of you… I am in the process of building my small art brand into […]

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The most expensive Artwork by a living Artist.

It’s the dream of any artist in the world to inspire other people, but they also need to make a living from their passion and last Wednesday night Jeff Koons made more than what he’ll probably need for a normal living… His 1986 sculpture “Rabbit, a stainless-steel work inspired by inflatable toys, sold at Christie’s […]

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Art -Basel-2017

How to Get Around Art Basel 2017 Without a Car

The Art Basel traffic apocalypse is nigh. Gridlock looms just over the horizon. For locals who plan on staying indoors this weekend, it’s time to buy bread and milk and screw on the hurricane shutters. For visitors and Basel party-goers, however, the weekend’s horrible, recurring traffic problems are but a minor inconvenience that stands in […]

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How to Take care of your smartphone and extend it’s lifetime

Smartphones has become a very valuable item in our life. Whether you spend a good amount of money for the latest iPhone or just recently bought an entry level smartphone, it’s important to take care of it in order to extend the lifetime. Having a smartphone in mint condition not only will extend it’s lifetime […]

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365 Days Of Art: A Fun Activity Book To Help Adults Stay Creative And Artsy

365 Days Of Art: A Fun Activity Book To Help Adults Stay Creative And Artsy A common complain among grown-ups with full-time jobs is that they no longer have time to get in touch with their creative selves, the way they did when they were still in school. If you miss working on creative, artsy […]

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‘Largest’ Mural in the World

Misha Most, the artist behind Evolution-2, started painting during the dawn of the Russian street art movement in 1997. He later became a member of Moscow’s first graffiti team and his personal projects have been displayed in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France. Now, 20 years on from his humble […]

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Presenting our news cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Due to high demand of mails and messages in social media, asking compatibility with new devices, we’re pleased to present you the new cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in our line of models of cases. Samsung gets all the attention of the consumers, especially with the Galaxy Note 8, this device have charmed to […]

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Cool Cases lineup of iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus

Cool Cases lineup of iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus with all-new designs

Cool Cases lineup of iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, that Apple has presented this Tuesday at the Steve Jobs Theater of Apple Park. These new smartphone models are a  special edition presented in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Apple’s launching of the first smartphone. The idea is to revolutionize the concept of iPhone […]

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