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Do you have a Huawei? don’t panic this is what is really happening.

Everybody is talking about what’s happening with Huawei and google decision, rumors are everywhere and Huawei users may panic if they are not good informed about what is really happening. that’s why we bring this article direct from the BBC. What exactly is Google doing? The US tech firm is suspending all business activity with […]

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The most expensive Artwork by a living Artist.

It’s the dream of any artist in the world to inspire other people, but they also need to make a living from their passion and last Wednesday night Jeff Koons made more than what he’ll probably need for a normal living… His 1986 sculpture “Rabbit, a stainless-steel work inspired by inflatable toys, sold at Christie’s […]

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Top reasons why mandalas are good for us.

Now days is common to see this kind of “figures” everywhere if you think it’s only about a fashion trend you will like to keep reading… The meaning of mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning “circle.” While mandalas come in various types and sizes, they are most commonly circular and have a dense point at the […]

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