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#ArtsMakers Martina. Phone Case Designer of the Week.

Hi! My name is Martina, I’m a professional European illustrator specializing in fashion and lifestyle. I create feminine, modern custom images to help both small and big brands to get noticed, stand out of the crowd and promote themselves in a new, fresh way. I also do personal commissions, statement wall art, book covers, editorial […]

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In ArtsCase We celebrate everything! Today is a special day, it’s International Left Handers Day,We were curious about the origin of this tradition, and this is what We found… “August 13 is International Left Handers Day. The date has been observed on August 13 each year since 1976, when it was founded by Dean R. […]

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Art -Basel-2017

How to Get Around Art Basel 2017 Without a Car

The Art Basel traffic apocalypse is nigh. Gridlock looms just over the horizon. For locals who plan on staying indoors this weekend, it’s time to buy bread and milk and screw on the hurricane shutters. For visitors and Basel party-goers, however, the weekend’s horrible, recurring traffic problems are but a minor inconvenience that stands in […]

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How to Take care of your smartphone and extend it’s lifetime

Smartphones has become a very valuable item in our life. Whether you spend a good amount of money for the latest iPhone or just recently bought an entry level smartphone, it’s important to take care of it in order to extend the lifetime. Having a smartphone in mint condition not only will extend it’s lifetime […]

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‘Largest’ Mural in the World

Misha Most, the artist behind Evolution-2, started painting during the dawn of the Russian street art movement in 1997. He later became a member of Moscow’s first graffiti team and his personal projects have been displayed in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France. Now, 20 years on from his humble […]

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he best cases for Samsung Galaxy S8(1)

The best cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

There are many advantages of having a big screen, although sometimes they are difficult to protect, but that’s what cases are there for. They make smartphones more ergonomic, prevent damages caused by falls and besides you can have a case that matches your style.   If you’re one of those people that fell in love […]

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A group of artists give life to an Australian city thanks to street art

Many times what a city needs to keep its magic is a touch of art. This is what this group of 8 local and Berliner artists did in some alleys of the touristic Australian city of Byron Bay. Through a street art focused in light and color, “Elysium” aims to relive a forgotten zone of […]

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This graffiti artist uses art to defend her rights

Shamsia Hassani is an Afghan artist that uses graffiti to claim for women’s rights and freedom in a country where war hasn’t left any room for them. Using art as a means to protest in a country like Afghanistan is no easy task. Even less if you’re a woman. But this 29-old Afghan has set […]

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Wiener Sausages Humorously Reimagined As Famous Pop Culture Icons And Paintings

A dark-haired, caped sausage stands amongst mountains, gripping its sword. The caption? “Wiener is coming.” Two eerie hot dogs donned in pale blue frocks stand stock-still at the end of a long hallway. They are the Grady ‘twieners’ from The Shining. These, and other sausages, are part of a series called ‘The Daily Wiener’ by […]

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This basketball court comes alive thanks to street art

What’s the importance of sport in the world of art and aesthetics? According to fashion brand Pigalle and ill Studio, “since ancient Greek and Roman times, sport has been represented as a dominant idea of beauty within an epoch”. This is the reason why they have decided to give life to this basketball court that […]

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