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How the Phone Cases from ArtsCase are made? Check our Manufacturing Process now!

If you ever wonder how my phone case protect my phone? or how phone cases are made? you are reading the right blog post! Over the last years Phones have become not something important but essential in our daily life. Right now your phone is not anymore a tool it’s a whole Universe in your hands, And that’s where ArtsCase comes to protect your phone because we want it to last for ever! In this way you’ll be confidence when you’re using your phone and you’ll have the possibility of matching your style while your’e supporting an artist.

The Phone Case process

In the following video you’ll be able to see our phone case process: 


We made it as simplest as We could but if you definitely are a process lover read the following step by step:

  1. An injection mold starts with a mold base from several chromium steel bars that are fused together into a block.
  2. A mold maker uses a computer numerical control (or CNC) machine to slowly and carefully shape the mold into the appropriate design.
  3. Holes are drilled into mold to allow cooling fluids to enter into the mold and help the plastic harden.
  4. Once the mold is the correct shape, it gets smoothed and polished to remove any rough edges.
  5. Hot plastic is injected into the mold and forms the correct shape. Fluid is poured in to help it harden and cool rapidly. The design is popped out and the machine is ready to be used again.

What are the materials?

This Phone cases are made with Poly carbonate, a premium material known for its durability and resistance to high impact. With no additional bulk, protects your device against shock and scratches!

Why do I need so much protection?

There’s a fact about phones that you probably don’t know: 50% of people globally break their phones, that’s a huge percentage and the truth is that Whether you’re out on the town, at work, or at home, your phone doesn’t have a truly safe place where it’s free from damage.

Phone protection doesn’t just stop with getting a durable Phone case.

That why in ArtsCase we created a 360 digress of protection, We knew that you’ll need to be sure that you inversion will be safe that’s why you can also get not a normal screen protector but a high quality strong shield glass to avoid any shattering or cracking in the instance that you drop your phone and it lands face down.







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