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Tips on How to Work from Home

For years we’ve studies has shown working from home can boost productivity, save time by avoiding traffic and commute and reduce the level of stress.

Studies shows that workers from home ends up adding almost 1.5 additional days to their weeks due to the time saving nature of working from home.

With the new reality of stay at home guidelines, we are experiencing first hand the perks of working from home. What is now call in-person meeting has been replace for Apps like Zoom Meetings, GotoMeeting Sessions, Skype and Google Meet sessions.

When you are working from home there is some things you have to consider in order to enjoy all the benefits available of working from home.

What to do:

  • Office Space: Having a dedicated space for office activities will improve your concentration and boost productivity.
  • Go Practical: IKEA offer everything you need for office furniture
  • Light: Seek for a well lit space.
  • Make it YOUR Office: Custom accessories makes the space feel even more normal and comfortable for you. Check These Custom Wireless Chargers
  • Follow a Schedule: Secondly, when you elaborate and follow a schedule, you will deliver on time and avoid distractions
  • Avoid distractions: Similarly, keep distractions at bay will enhance your performance
  • Invest on Productivity: For better results, try to invest in good and reliable internet service, comfortable chair and good keyboard.
  • Time Off: Working from home sometimes makes you lost track of time, Additionally taking breaks can improve creativity.

Ever since the invention of the office we’ve adapting to the evolution of technology, the typewriter gave way to the computers and the letters to the phone calls. We will adapt and improve as always

In short, working from home could yield better results for our jobs and save time.

Plus, Who is gonna miss the traffic jam? and…You get to wear comfy clothes.

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