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4 Classic unmissable movies for art lovers

Movies for art lovers

The movie industry is an unstoppable branch of art that entertains and reflects human’s vision, it is also the best proof of human’s creativity, the evolution of the filmmaking art today  allows to delight and mesmerize the world with sophisticated techniques of production, nevertheless there are certain old movies with no mind-blowing productions but with remarkable stories that everybody should know, and if you’re a classic lover then take note of the four movies you should put in your favorites’ list.

1-Rembrandt (1936): British film that explores part of the Dutch famous painter life, the beginning shows the high acceptance of Rembrandt’s artwork and then his disappointed descent where he found himself alone and isolated. The movie touches the sad experiences of the artist from his wife death to his severe financial problems.

2- Moulin Rouge (1952): British movie based on the novel of the same name written by Pierre La Mure, it tells the story of the artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in Paris in 1890.  The artist made some friends and found some fun with the artists of the Moulin Rouge, but something he always had in mind was the accident he suffered when he was a child, and how this event affected his entire life, making of him an insecure man. The story goes on when Henri met Marie who made him feel loved but unfortunately the relationship was really complicated. Then after realizing about Marie’s truth he also realized that it wasn’t the end because his art was still a strong reason to live.

3-The Mystery of Picasso (1956) French documentary, directed by Henry-Georges Clouzot, this movie is so unique due to  the presence of the one and only Pablo Picasso where it’s appreciated Picasso’s style  and his creative process, because it shows how the Spanish painter  creates their paintings. An interesting detail is that most of the paintings created while filming the movie were destroyed, so they would only exist for the movie

4-Andréi Rubliov (1966) Russian film based on the life of Russian painter Andrei Rubliov, what it is fascinating about this movie is the fact that even is a biographical film, it also approaches and exposes the dramatic suffering of Russian people dealing with persecution, invasion and food shortage in the 15th century.  The film won some awards as the prize of the international film critics and   the Critics Award of the French Syndicate of Cinema Critics.

These four movies demonstrate when a story is well developed that’s all you need to being consider as a classic of cinema, through the years they have earned the title of classic movies.

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