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Famous brand logos in pixelated version

As screen resolution improves, many of us have forgotten what pixelated graphics are. But the Aleph Corporation team of graphic design has recently created a project where they imagined famous brand logos with a pixelated look.

With some of the most renowned logos -including Google, IBM, FedEx and BMW– the Project reflects the brands in an era of 8 bits.

Aleph is a study that began in 2012 with photographic works. They used to upload their works on line and people started to react and commissioning projects. That’s how they merged the world of photography with graphic design.

They believe people and objects are beautiful the way they are. Excessive makeup and heavy image enhance was sometime that everybody once wanted, but the study tried to defy the norm. And luckily people supported their idea.

Let’s take a look at the version of people’s favorite logos.








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