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A tour on Google’s Popup Store in New York

Google opened a temporary store at the 96 Spring Street in Soho, New York City. The interesting thing about this store is that you can’t buy anything; Google is using it to display some of their new electronics to all people that enter the store.

Inside the store you can find exhibited new Google’s cellphones and even a structure on the wall that interacts with people. It changes direction and creates color patterns while following people’s movements through sensors.

Just entering the store, the first thing you see is a column with Google’s logo and the phrase: Made by Google. This way you’ll make sure all objects inside the store were made by the company.


The video tour begins with the Google Home section, a voice activated assistant. It is a horn in different colors that you connect in your home to ask questions that it will answer.

Then you have the new Google’s cellphone called Pixel. It is a Smartphone with the same features that almost all high-end cellphones have; like a good camera, a good memory card, a good battery and all Google apps.


Later they talk about something that really caught people’s attention, which is the wall made with the colors of Google’s logo. It automatically displays different messages, but when someone passes in front of it, sensors will activate to follow that person.

The tour ends in the VR (Virtual Reality) section where you can use one of the Cardboard with your cellphone to experience virtual reality. It’s a very interesting video of a few minutes long. At the end you just want to go to one of those stores. If you’re in the city then visit the store soon because it will be there only temporarily.


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