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Bet you can’t find him! The ‘invisible’ art of Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin is a Chinese artist, sculptor and photographer. He got his Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the Arts School of Shandong University, and a Master Degree in Fine Arts from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2001. He is also known as “the invisible artist” for his photographic series “Hiding in […]

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Pictures where the Pantone colors of the year are used

Photographs that contrast with modern world The photographer Neal Grundy focused on the beauty of paint and he accomplished that using water and Quartz Pink of Pantone and Serenity. Paint has been for a long time an essential tool to create art, and many times we tend to pay less attention to other forms of […]

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The story behind world’s best pictures of nature

We reveal the images of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, one of the most prestigious contest of nature photography. One instant, one unique moment is caught by the lens. The always moving nature is now captured in motionless spectacular images. Although most of our fascination for those photographs comes from feeling we’re spying the […]

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