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The New Michael Kors Smartwatch

Michael Kors has announced his new smartwatch line called Access. This line offers two models; the “Dylan” with a sporty style for men, and the “Bradshaw” in all-metal for women. Both watches present the same size and a cost of $350.

These devices share many of the characteristics of other Android Wear watches, but the feature that really sticks them out is their customizable watchfaces. The various faces offer different colors, can imitate analog designs and have configurable face at a set time of the day, and will allow you to match it with your outfits.

The Dylan and Bradshaw result to be heavier than many other Android Wear Watches. Also, they share technology with Fossil’s Android Wear watches, such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor, color touchscreen, speaker, 320 x 290 pixel display, and activity tracking, but no heart rate monitor.


According to several opinions, these watches tend to be uncomfortably large and heavy; also, programming the watchfaces proved to be very tiresome. The display has a lower resolution and quality than others and it is not so pleasant to look at. On the brighter side, it results to be very readable outdoors and it is waterproof.

The Michael Kors Access line provide us with another option in the Android Wear market. Although Michael Kors sells plenty of Access watches thanks to the renown of its brand, these products do not differentiate much from the competitors; except on the fact that they offer a more decent price on the pieces. Also, having more and more designers participating on this growing market is an encouraging sign.

The Access smartwatches are available in the US, UK and other 16 countries starting today.

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