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Lucy Sparrow’s Felt Artwork takes the Big Apple

The greatness of art definitely amaze us every single day, its  diversity and ability to reinvent itself  make us think how monotonous would be our lives without the quirkiness touch of art. We could say that twenty first century has been the perfect scenario for new and fresh art’s expression.

Talking about quirky things, we have to talk about the well-known British artist Lucy Sparrow, who redefines the way we used to see art. This innovative woman has taken the use of felt to inconceivable levels, in 2014 she launched in London ‘The CornerShop’, a distinctive and peculiar store where all items for sale are entirely made from felt, what a remarkable idea! Sparrow with a variety of bright primary colors delights to every customer that stop by her charismatic store


Since 2014 the receptivity of Lucy’s artwork has not stopped, people from every corner of the world have admired the work of this talented British woman. If you wonder what you can find at ‘The Corner Shop’ here we mention a few items to give you an idea: from toothpaste to junk food even beer, medicines, Campbell Soup, slices of pizza and cookies among others.

Nevertheless, Lucy has recently decided to take another challenge, opening her New York City store in the summer of 2017, she made this decision after realizing that most of her art project fans were from the United States and Canada. The items found in London store will be also available in the upcoming store (Eight Til Late) where American Culture products will be also included. To the artist this has been her biggest project reason why she is looking for financial support at Kickstarter website, the goal is to raise 40.000$, Sparrow expresses her gratitude rewarding donors with one of their pieces according to the amount of money received.

Make your shopping list because Lucy Sparrow’s store will arrive next summer, do not miss the chance to get closer to these original creations, live an unforgettable art experience thanks to felt.

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