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Tips on How to Work from Home

For years we’ve studies has shown working from home can boost productivity, save time by avoiding traffic and commute and reduce the level of stress. Studies shows that workers from home ends up adding almost 1.5 additional days to their weeks due to the time saving nature of working from home. With the new reality […]

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Apple is redirecting (Product)RED purchases

Apple is redirecting (Product)RED purchases proceeds to COVID-19 Global Funds Response

Apple is redirecting the 100% of eligible proceeds from (Product)RED purchases to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response, in order to help the efforts on the pandemic. Apple has been working in Partnership with (Product)RED for a number of years now, donating the proceeds of the RED Apple products to the foundation efforts to help HIV/AIDS […]

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The New iPhone SE (2020 Version)

This week the people in Apple announced the new version of the iPhone SE, the entry level iPhone model from the good old days! During this very weird 2020 where we are all adjusting to work from home and stay in home due to the Covid-19 situation, Apple didn’t waist time neither they delayed the […]

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5 Reasons why it’s important for our health to smile.

For many smiling is simply an involuntary response to things that just happened, what most people don’t see is that smiling can be voluntary and a powerful choice to make our lives better. Scientific studies have confirmed that a genuine smile is generally considered attractive to others around us, it can also elevate our mood […]

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5 Habits that you must acquire to be happier.

5 Habits that you must acquire to be happier

This week is celebrated throughout the world the day of happiness, if you have no idea about this day, it is good to know that it is celebrated thanks to the UN, they instituted it from 2012 and began to celebrate it starting from 2013. The purpose of this day is simple, to be happy […]

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iPhone 7 and 8 Marble Design

iPhone 7 and 8 Marble Design: Just the casing your phone needs to make a statement

Yes, your iPhone 7 and 8 already looks ravishing; thanks to Apple’s vision of creating a unique blend of technology that gives other phones a run for their money. But do you know that your phone can look even better with the blend of beautiful and exciting phone casing on the market today? Oh yes, […]

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