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5 Cool Facts about Anime that you Should Know!

Here in ArtsCase We have all kind of Art, but one of our favorites is Anime  and We have a lot of great artist that are inspired through Japanese Culture such as Ilustrata, Denis Orio, Samiel Art, Vincent Patrick, Laura Nagel among many others, that’s why We decided to learn a little bit more about this whole new world and off course we wanted to share it with you, We assure you that even if you’re not a manga or anime lover you’ll like this post. So with out anymore intro here they are:

5 Cool facts about Anime.

1. The real meaning of Anime:

The word “anime” refers to Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation. When the word is used outside of Japan, anime often conjures colorful graphics, magical or fantastical settings, and spirited characters.

2. Anime and Manga are different things:

While “anime” refers to animation, the term “manga” refers to comics and cartooning. Anime movies are often inspired by manga.

3. Japanese Culture revolves about Anime:

Just to have a clear idea there they use more paper to print Manga than toilet paper, and each resident spends around 30$ dollar for Manga each year.

4. 60% Of The World’s Animation is Anime:

The animation industry in Japan is pretty big, according to a 2004 document from the Japan External Trade Organization, Anime films and television shows account for 60% of the world’s animation-based entertainment.

5. Anime voice acting is a popular job:

Japan has around 130 voice-acting schools.

So if you already finished with this short article, here We attached one of our favorites Anime Arts from our worldwide designers, always remember that with ArtsCase you can have your favorites arts and designs in your hand while you’re protecting your phone!

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